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Sad Society White Lighter

Sad Society White Lighter

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The Sad Society has a white lighter for sale so you can really complete your aesthetic. The lighter features our text logo on one side, and the other side has our signature Sad Face emoji. Fashion isn’t just about clothes; you need to have accessories that complement the style that you work so hard to cultivate. Our white lighter for sale lets you bring your soft grunge lifestyle to a whole new level. Next time someone asks you for a light, you can show off your unique white lighter.

Product Details

  • Available for purchase as a single unit or a case
  • Made in America

Light Up Your Feelings

At The Sad Society, we want you to look your best no matter how you’re feeling. Every piece in our collection is designed for the bold trendsetters who aren’t afraid to show how they’re really feeling. Our collection of clothing reflects our it’s-okay-to-be-sad attitude. In addition to clothing, we’re proud to offer a range of lifestyle accessories like stickers and phone cases so you can rep The Sad Society wherever you go. Our white lighter for sale is just one way to bring The Sad Society aesthetic out of your closet and into the rest of your life. Buy yours today.