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Cool White Bogo Sad Face Sleeved Hoodie

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  • Available in S, M, L, XL and 2XL
  • Comfy Fleece Cotton
  • Screen printed | Light Wash
  • Made in America

Paint It White

Modeled by @itsemmaquinn. At The Sad Society, we want to bring you comfortable, well-designed clothing that will complement your unique lifestyle. Our collection is for the unapologetic trendsetters who aren’t afraid to let their true feelings out. Every piece is designed with care so you can share your next look on social media with pride. Become a part of The Sad Society by following our latest releases on social media and repping the Sad Face. Our cool white hoodie is a versatile piece that will go with all the other white clothes in your wardrobe, so get yours today.

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