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The Sad Society™ Sad Face™ Safety Orange Sweatshirt

The Sad Society™ Sad Face™ Safety Orange Sweatshirt

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Safety Orange Sweatshirt

Our Safety Orange sweatshirt is perfect for when you want to wear your feelings loud and proud. The Sad Society’s new Fall/Winter collection includes a ton of brand new styles and colors. This color is already one of hottest trends in fashion right now. Don’t say it in a text — say it with your shirt.

Brighten Up Your Aesthetic

The color of this sweatshirt highlights the sad faces, which is a fun way to play with what you’re really trying to say when you wear it. It’s okay to be sad, so express it while you’re rocking a cool and comfy safety orange sweatshirt.

  • Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XL
  • Screen printed on soft cotton
  • Made in America
  • Light wash

Shop The Sad Society To Express Yourself

In order to join The Sad Society, you gotta be willing to show your Sad Face, or wear it on your sleeve. This year, lighten up with our safety orange sweatshirt and show off your style. Every time you wear one of our designs, everyone will want to know how they too can become a member of The Sad Society. Like it. Love it. Share it. Who knew so many sad faces could make you feel free? We did. Shop The Sad Society for all your fave fall fashion trends!

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