dear you,

i know we live in a world where we just wanna fit in. some of us are introverts, shy or insecure, perhaps all three of them. some of us fail to see that we are equal to everyone else around us and this article is written for you.

you've got to stop thinking you're not worth it. that you can't be liked by other people. that they can't like you. that you need to hide yourself.

you've got to stop thinking that you can't become that popular girl in school, that your crush won't ever like someone like you, you just have to stop. you're letting everyone else win. you're holding yourself back from showing them that you've got the potential to be so much more than that invincible girl.

don't let other people's opinion stop you from being you. i know you're insecure and want to be liked by everyone, but by not showing yourself, you don't even give anyone a chance to like you.

you've got to realize that there's not difference between the popular girl in class and you. there's no difference between the girls you stalk on instagram and you. there's literally no difference. and you're throwing your life away by not letting people get to know you.

when you meet new people, you've got a clean slate. they don't know you at all. they don't what kind of person you are. they don't know if you're shy or not. if you're mean or kind. they don't know anything about you. so instead of letting them think of you as the quiet girl, give them something to judge you based on.

you're no different from anyone. boys can like you. girls can like you. anyone can like you. you have no reason to be insecure about yourself or your opinions. you can small talk with anyone. you don't have to satisfy anyone, you're not below anyone.

so i beg of you, please put yourself out there more before it is too late.

love, the sad society