Have you ever tried a law of attraction challenge? This is the perfect challenge to attract what you want in a week.
I don’t promise that is going to work in a 100% of the people that try it, but it will put you closer and closer to your goal and you’ll vibe as same as your desire.* Give it a try!*
An advice: focus only in one dream to attract this week, and put all your energy in it.


Day one. Monday
For a good start, a good visualization.
The first thing you have to do in your day, is to visualize that goal.
I recomend you to put yourself a guided law of attraction meditation, (you can find a lot in youtube).
Try to spend the day with the higher vibes that you can, and giving thanks for everything you can.
At night, visualize again, and go to bed with the feeling that your desire is closer.

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Day two. Tuesday
Time to practice affirmations. You must writte some personalized to your desire. Put some manifestation music on your laptop, take a tea, and start writting. I recomend you to be like this almost half an hour.
The rest of the day, you can put an affirmation audio and listen to it while you are doing tasks like clean, cook, drive…
I have an affirmations post that can be your inspiration in this powerful day:

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Day three. Wednesday
Being thankful is important. Dedicate some time to thank about all you have and about what is going to come.
Also, one of the best manifestations techniques is what you are going to do today. A creative visualization. Close your eyes for some minutes. Think that you have achieve your goal. You can see you hands touching it. Observe what you feel “now that you’ve got it”.
When you wake up from the ecstasy, you will be vibing at the same frecuency of your desire. And thats where you need to be.

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Day four. Thursday
The middle day of the week, a break.
This day you are going to focus on you and your stuff, flow with life, and do wathever you want.

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Day five. Friday
This is going to be a combo. Writting and visualizing.
Repeat again of the first day and make a morning visualization.
At night, before going to bed, take some time to writte what you are grateful for, and think about how your challenge is going.
Try to remember if you have seen a sign, a clue, a message. Little things are important. Don’t be upset if you didn’t feel anything yet, everything comes.

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Day six. Saturday
Feel it and internalize it.
At the morning, writte what you are going to feel with your desire. Think for a momento that you already have it. What are you feeling? Writte it while you feel it. Try to reread this during your day, or writte it again.
At night, when you are already in bed, watch on youtube an ASMR video of a meditation. There are really good ones that are very useful! Choose you favourite. It’ll help you to sleep better and more comfortable.
The meditation can be focused on your desire or not, the key is to conect with your subconscius and high your vibrations, to avoid negative thoughts.

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Day seven. Sunday
Time to take action. Don’t wait more. You should go for it.
My best advice for you here is to be confident (I know that it’s hard), and if you can’t, do it with fear.
Catch the opportunity if it appears today, try to do something new. Maybe today isn’t the day that your manifestation arrives, but you have to keep beliveing.
Prepare yourself for it.

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