My Everyday Workout Routine {Loss Weight and Have Fun}

Welcome to my everyday workout routine that I have been really loving recently. I don't know if it's just me but I love finding new youtubers to workout with because I can get bored of routine so quickly.

I change up my routine pretty often just to keep myself interested. I know working out can be hard but changing it up every month or whenever you get bored honestly is the best way to go.

But the first thing I start off with either in the morning or in the afternoon is running. I know a lot of people don't like running but once you start it feels so free. I love running outside and smelling the fresh air. The smell of the air plus the beautiful view is everything.

run image running image
You don't have to go running everyday but even just 1 days out of the week is amazing

My favorite part of my day is my dance workouts that I do. I do one from MadFit and another from this other youtuber I just find. Her name is MYLEE DANCE and if you love dancing your going to love this.

I always start with MadFit Ariana Grande Workout then move onto MYLEE DANCE. I do any of her dances from Ariana to Doja Cat. Believe me when you first see her dance you are going to think it's hard. But I promise you it is easy. The more you do it the more I'm sure you will fall in love.

The last thing I do is stretch my whole body or even just do some yoga. I love stretching my body because it helps me keep my splits. It also feels so nice to have a stretching cool down. But here a video for a nice stretch if your starting out.

I hope this helps you if your struggling with working out. Don't forget to take your days off. Also take care of yourself for your body health. <3

Thank you for reading