how to make people like you


We all want to be liked by others. It's literally just how the human brain works. We want to fit in. We want to be liked by everyone. We want to feel important.

This article is written for you who want to fit in.

You may sit there and read this article, and think I'm going to tell you to live your life a certain way or buy trendy clothing or whatsoever bullshit that is not going to get you anywhere.

We think owning an iPhone will make us fit in. We think owning Nike Air's will make us fit in. Or airpods, false lashes, brands or whatever there is to buy that we believe is a key. And you know very well that you won't get where you want with it.

Money has nothing to do with being liked. You can be the richest most trendy girl at school, yet that won't be enough. Because people don't attract to the designer bag on your shoulder. They may pre-judge you, but that's it. In order for them to be into you, they have to see what's within. And if you got all the money in the world, but no personality they won't attract, they will use you.

When you stalk people, you don't stalk the shy girl in class, you'd rather stalk the popular ones right? What makes you rather stalk them? Even if the shy girl in class got the exact same life, the same brands and just as cute? You like the confidence in the popular people.

When you talk to a boy, you do want him to be confident, am I not right? Confidence attracts everyone, no matter how or what a person got.

Hence why, I'm telling you to work on your confidence. Stop thinking that in order to be confident you've got to lose weight, get those false lashes, get that designer bag and yada yada. Confidence can be something you have tomorrow if you choose to be it. Just fake it till you make it.

You don't need to have the perfect body to be confident or the certain trendy clothes. People will attract to you no matter what based on your confidence. When you're being insecure you'll always respond with "I don't know". Which is quite annoying to most people because most of them tend to what a more spicy answer, meanwhile you're not even keeping up the conversation.

I know being confident is a hard to task to do for some people, but listen to me carefully when I tell you that it is going to be worth it. Stop caring too much of what other people think of you. A tip from me is to try to imagine meeting yourself. Would you like yourself then?