be more spontaneous


you're young and what are you doing? overthinking? when this is the time to live your life to the fullest? go out with your girls, be awake all night long, meet boys, go on crazy trips and so much more. just do more.

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why are you overthinking? why are you stopping yourself from doing insane stuff at the age you're supposed to do them at. why are not getting those crazy memories. time is literally passing and you're not letting yourself go a little ape-shit on a saturday evening.

i'm telling you, babygirl. you've got to get your ass out of the house more. you've got to experience more. you've so much to learn and not only from school. there's so many places to go to. there's so many people to meet.

as everyone say, life won't show up at your doorstep. you've got to go find it.

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because trust me, as you grow up you'll wish you did more when you were younger. at a certain age, things will be limited. hence why, i'm telling you live now. it's hard to believe, but life is now.

when you're 80 years old and thinking back at your life, you're not going to think about this certain article, you're not going to think about your fave artist, you're not going to think about how much hours you spent studying, trust me what you're going to think about are the crazy memories you have, every relationship you've had and the friends you have had and still have. we are never going to think about the times we spent all alone.

so get out of that door (during these days, with a mask of course). don't throw away your life. when corona is over, get out.

because, you only regret on the things you never do.