100 Ways To Be Happy

Ever wonder how many times a week you say to yourself ‘I just want to be happy’. bet it is a lot. The simple thing is you can make yourself happy every single day, it is just about how you view and think about stuff.

That is the secret answer to happiness it is within us all the time you just have to go to that place in your soul where it lives and shut the door on all those naughty black demons that try to prevent you going there.

These are just tips we are giving and are just ideas. We are not an expert or medical person for that matter, they are just things we have discovered along the way that have helped so we are now sharing them with you.

Make of it what you will and you never know something might help you along your own road.

Until we meet again just sit back and enjoy the list.


1) Think in minute detail of a place that makes you feel happy.
2) Learn to control your breathing when you feel anxious or stressed.
3) Learn about the tapping coping mechanisms.
4) Eat your favorite meal.
5) If someone upsets you tell them and say ‘if you were me how would you feel?’
6) When you feel like crying, smile and the tears will stop.
7) When negative thoughts get into your head immediately stop and go to your happy place let the details of your happy place consume your mind.
8) Talk to someone about how you are feeling.
9) Ask for a hug from someone you love.
10) If someone wants to argue say ‘I’m not doing this’ and walk away.
11) Sing your favorite song in a funny voice.
12) Add up the amount of time you have wasted thinking negative thoughts. ‘Really!’ what a waste of time!.
13) Write in a book your favurite inspirational quotes.
14) Draw a picture of something that makes you happy.
15) Read jokes.
16) If there is something you have to do that you do not want to do, get on and do it and reward yourself with something once it is done.
17) Watch your favorite film on auto replay.
18) Instead of wallowing get up and out and sit in the park.
19) Spend a week only saying yes to everything.
20) Ask for help.
21) Go to the beauty parlor for some treatments.
22) Cuddle an animal.
23) Go camping and lay under the stars and feel their wonder.
24) If you spend a day alone in your room surround yourself with your favorite things.
25) Do something unconditionally for someone else.
26) Go traveling.
27) Learn to dance.
28) Only surround yourself with positive, happy people.
29) If you do not have any friends go and sit in the local cafe or park.
30) Smile at people it will make them want to talk to you.

31) Keep a ‘dear diary’ and tell it all your secrets.
32) Why are you letting fear control you.
33) Focus on what you can change not what you cannot.
34) My quote for this year is ‘It is over and done with’ it should be yours too.
35) Look for a positive in a negative. We all have had something happen to us learn to deal with it and move on.
36) Do not result to vices, you do not need crutches that will destroy you.
37) Be the one in the centre not the one in the corner.
38) Accept that not everyone is going to like you.
39) Write a list of all your good points and remember them.
40) Ask your friends how they would describe you to a stranger.
41) Walk fast with purpose and confidence.
42) Speak in a loud strong voice people will respect you.
43) Workout how you are going to achieve your dreams, what do you have to do? Plan and conquer.
44) Depression is just wallowing in self pity. Stop falling deeper, find ways to help yourself as only you can do it. No one else can help you, only you.
45) Do not eat too many carbs they make you tired and lethargic.
46) Be the person you want to be not the person someone else wants you to be.
47) Stand up for your beliefs.
48) If you are stressed, pressured etc scream out loud.
49) Sometimes it is good to cry, it lets out a lot of emotion that sometimes engulfs us.
50) Mid menstrual cycle if you have a sensitive day tell everyone today you are sensitive they will respect and get you through it.
51) Do not allow anyone to be disrespectful to you EVER!
52) Try and find a partner where the love is equal if not be strong enough to walk away.
53) If a partner does not spoil you in any way again walk away.
54) Remember the world is made up of all types of people not everyone is a leader followers are needed too. Enjoy the position of you and make it work for you.
55) Stop pining for what you cannot have it is so much wasted energy instead enjoy everything you can have.
56) Every time negative thoughts come into your mind immediately think of happy memories, etc.
57) Feel happy in your fashion style.
58) Read comedy books.
59) Keep a photo mood board.
60) Grow your social media page and also write to your followers.

61) Have a makeup tutorial.
62) Exercise.
63) Have a new hairstyle.
64) Grow a plant feed it and talk to it. Give it a name. Mine is called Hairy.
65) Stop needing attention, be confident in yourself.
66) Switch your phone off. You look silly at looking at nothing, love your life in real-time.
67) Have someone strong tongued like me to stop ‘pissy footing’ around you it is tiresome for everyone around you.
68) There are people living in war torn environments be strong like them. Stop being ‘woosey’.
69) Go and sleep on the street then you will know what happiness is.
70) Be a good person.
71) Make some jewelry and give it to your friends.
72) If you can go and spend a year volunteering somewhere else on the world.
73) Keep your mind busy so it does not think negative thoughts and learn a language.
74) Help others in their time of need.
75) Stop taking medication do you really need it?
76) Go to school/work everyday otherwise you are on the road of becoming a loser.
77) Take more interest in the things you like.
78) If you do not have an important role model in your life go and find one.
79) Do not be nasty to others all you do is disappoint them, make yourself feel miserable and that is not a happy scenario.
80) Try something you think you will not like as you may find you do.
81) Teach others in the stuff you are good out.
82) Save a life like give blood.
83) Do you want to be remembered for being pathetic or heroic?
84) Save money in a treat box to spoil yourself.
85) Teach younger people the stuff you have learned.
86) Music feed the soul so compile playlists of songs that make you feel good.
87) When you feel down and lethargic go and stay in a different environment.
88) Do a job you love.
89) Do a charitable event once a year.
90) Feel free in your mind.
91) Go diving and swim with the fish.
92) Face your fears and do an extreme sport.
93) Live a clean life.
94) If illness befalls you find the positivity. I have had cancer and beaten it! I know what I am talking about.
95) Are you a person that is surrounded by light as you walk into a room?
96) Give yourself a break you are doing fine.
97) Remember you can overcome depression just don’t let it control you.
98) Switch that switch of negativity as soon as it enters your mind and very soon it will stop coming/ Practice makes perfect.
99) What makes you happy?
100) Remember.....only you can make you happy.

We hope you enjoyed my article.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time.

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